AVES - 'Wingin' It'

Published on 14 April 2022 at 03:06


Aves (the Latin for "bird") is the brainchild of London-based  multi instrumentalist Josh Turvey. His genre defying album, the aptly named 'Wingin' It, contains eleven tracks that range from instrumental piano to alternative rock. 


The aforementioned piano instrumental, 'Introductions', opens the album in tender fashion before making way to "For Tomorrow", a triumphant psychedelic rock celebration that allows Aves to set his stall out. 'Saville Row' continues the LP in a not dissimilar vein. 'Going Off' and 'Ridley's Retirement' are jazz influenced instrumental tracks before the album gains pace on "Idk Why". Towards the end of the album, we have standout song "Quite Alright". An almost stripped back affair, the track allows Aves' vocal to shine; soulful and endearing it is perhaps hidden in the production of other tracks.



'Wingin' It' is very much a musicians album. With influences pulled from far and wide and held together in Aves' grasp, he has produced a cohesive and well balanced record. There's alt-rock, 70's psych rock and tender moments of blissful jazz all sitting beside each other without a care in the world and it is quite the revelation.


The album was recorded at an isolated plant research centre in the English countryside with Aves handling the production himself. On the album, the artist says: "The key theme of the album is 'Time'. It was made right before I was making a very big life decision, one that I had been debating
for years. It is very much an exploration of the thoughts and feelings that come when taking a 'leap of faith'."


"Wingin' It" is out now on all major streaming platforms.





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