DAISY HARRIS - 'Tornado Dreams'

Published on 14 April 2022 at 21:34

By Angus Sinclair


If there ever was a debut LP from a budding artist qualified to conjure up a sheer whirlwind of intense, euphonic emotion, “Tornado Dreams” encapsulates this through the blossoming musical ability of Daisy Harris. 


The 21-year-old artist is etching her name into Scottish folklore one melody at a time. A native from the scenic west coast of the United Kingdom’s highlands, Daisy Harris since ply’s her trade down south in the bustling city of Manchester, teeming with musical vibrancy while studying drama at university. 


Harris unearthed a melodic vein early on, writing and performing from the budding age of 14 and since taking her musical expression to a new level with the resounding release of Tornado Dreams. 


Harris evokes inspiration from the nostalgic undertones of her parent’s music, often hearing the groove of 90’s pop and the funky bop of shoegaze rock, with contemporary folk music often drifting across the vicinity of her childhood home.


As such, Harris cultivated a unique identity, with elements from each genre discernible through the growing collection of the singer songwriters’ tracks. 


Anticipation has been bubbling at the surface for the release of Harris’ debut LP, with tantalising teasers in the form of singles and music videos garnering a crescendo of momentum. 


Tuneful craftsmanship is bolstered by a stunning mastery of chordophones, with stringed instruments such as the guitar, the banjo, and the ukulele all equipped by Harris’ very own musical arsenal.


Fluid transitional arpeggios and continuations shine brightly through a candid and evocative artistic personality, culminating in a refined and glistening final product. 


It’s an expansive effort from Daisy Harris, one that wields a vast array of sounds and ideas, infused into a delectable pot of emotional and profound music. 


The 16-track release captivates and flows with earnest, delivering a message straight from the shoulder before flipping the switch to shine a humorous light on the different travails the ensue throughout. 


Through tracks such as Shona and Gregory Crewdson you find a sincere and soothing touch that twists around the robust tumult of Baby You’re Bad Luck and Gelato.


Lead single A24 offers a peek back to music of the 90’s, maintaining that air of genre fluidity in a compelling and candid track about the insecurities and doubts that often come in tandem with a relationship. 


My favourite artists are great at writing songs that are equal parts funny and heart breaking - that’s what I wanted for A24. It’s a breakup song, but it’s also tongue-in-cheek and fun, and perfect for screaming at the top of your lungs! Harris on A24.


Through the entirety of the discography, the listener is catapulted through a vortex of sparking lyricism and sleek instrumentals. 


Each song offers a different side to the story – Dandelion Salad looks towards an optimistic future after past hardships whilst Get Free revises the struggles of covid-19 and lockdown, and how connection became imprisoned behind mobile devices. 


There is a genuine sense of provocative brilliance emanating from Tornado Dreams’ very core, with Harris’ blend of genre-fluid music taking inspiration from Mazzy Star and The Lemonheads to present a unique brand of indie-pop. 


Speaking fondly of her first extensive project, Harris said, As the title suggests, this album has been a dream of mine for a very long time. I’m so excited to be able to share such a beautiful, intimate project with the world and hopefully get all my listeners dancing!


Daisy Harris understands what it takes to capture the attention of her listeners. She understands that she possesses a laudable skill set when it comes to not just sweet-sounding song writing, not only glazing her work with professional production, but combining the intricate elements to tell a gripping story. 


There is clearly a creative mind in there with a story to tell, and Harris once said that the best way to express herself and connect with a growing audience is through her music, thus embarking on an enthralling journey; where will the story take her?



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