LIAM DUTCH Releases Stand Out New Single "Settle Down"

Published on 15 April 2022 at 00:49



Once establishing acclaimed success with London-based band Dead Natives, who had received recognition from Soccer AM and BBC Radio, along with opening shows for The Sherlocks, Liam Dutch now resides in southern China, where he is left alone to his thoughts, giving birth to his solo musical project. 


As a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Liam has always been more of a standalone independent rather than someone who relies on others for a way in life. Now releasing his third single ‘Settle Down’, he showcases powerful vocals and nostalgic lyricism to create an omnipotent romanticism in his newest single. 


‘Settle Down’ was released  today and persists as an endearing track that is distinguished by Liam Dutch’s astonishing voice and ability to take snippets from everyday experiences and turn them into artwork. For fans of Richard Ashcroft and Arctic Monkeys, Dutch’s poignant storytelling teeters on the precipice of pre-eminent success.


On the creative process of the song, Liam says:It originally came from a conversation I overheard in a pub, I think I heard someone use the phrase ‘let’s get married buy a house’ in passing conversation when they were referencing someone else and I liked it, and it grew from there, but to be honest it’s meant to be playful and not taken too seriously, it’s kind of sarcastic. I’m still unsure whether the song is the figment of the narrator's imagination, or there really is a girl.” 


Recorded at Graham Wann’s studio in Shenzhen, China, ‘Settle Down’ goes about the assignment of following up the success of previous singles ‘Queen Of England’ and ‘Blame’. It will make up the first track of his forthcoming debut EP, which hasn’t got a release date yet. 


Liam Dutch shows off everything he is about in his latest single, leaving nothing left to be desired. The striking optimism and dedication of Liam is evident from the start, and he is so meticulous in his work that it is hard to see what he lacks. ‘Settle Down’ is certainly his best single to date, but an explosion of sounds are expected to hit the mainstream media upon future releases.


Expect big, big things. 






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