POISON OAK Release Soaring New Single 'Hope You Like The View'

Published on 18 April 2022 at 14:30



Poison Oak is a four-piece indie rock band hailing from North Queensland, Townsville, and they’re made up of members Ray Pearson, James Baithes, Chris Reiterer, and Russell West. After a string of singles and two EP releases, the band seek pastures new in their latest single ‘Hope You Like The View’.


The latest creation from the expressive band sees punk rock motifs play a starring role, with melodic guitar riffs and anthemic choruses supporting the third single from their upcoming EP, ‘The View From Here’. The song features soaring soundscapes and builds perpetually on the success from previous releases.


‘Hope You Like The View’ explores the themes of choices, and sometimes how someone’s unexpected choices can affect the people they’re close to. Showcasing tinges of Blink 182 and The Cure throughout the soft melodies and deeply ingrained harmonies, fans of punk must feast their eyes on this up-and-coming band.



The single has a perfect blend of fluctuating sounds within its seams. While the drums may sometimes hit you low, the chorus and up-tempo guitar riffs are bound to hit the high notes. The way the track ebbs and flows gives off an array of textures when listening and this creates a unique sound for the future of post-punk. 


Poison Oak have created something to be proud of in their newest release, with the creativity in their artillery being showcased at a premium. ‘Hope You Like The View’ is superb. 







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