'Radio Esc.' The Epic New Single & Video From MARK REMMINGTON Is Out Now

Published on 18 April 2022 at 15:27


Mark Remmington, the talented UK based performer has been plying his trade for a short while now, releasing stand out singles 'Let;s Forget We're Animals' and 'Space Person Blues' amongst others and last year the album '12 Weeks', which we reviewed here.


'Radio Esc.' is Mark's new release and arguably his finest to date. With a distinct electro, almost funk sound, Mark Remmington has created an epic and memorable track and perhaps most importantly, one with a message.


The song is about being an independent artist and the frustrations that come with the territory. Whether it be searching for that elusive radio play or having to "play the game" on social media, hard work can often be left unrecognised and certainly unrewarded on the independent music scene. 


View the music video, which is pretty special


On his new single, Mark says: "This tune is about the frustration of being an aspiring independent artist. All you really want to do is create music that you love, in the hope that it may inspire others too; so you want to get played on the radio, and when that proves to be limiting, you turn to social media and then next thing you know you're parading your entire life around and uploading it from your phone, in the vain effort to provide "regular meaningful content that will engage your audience".


Mark Remmington produced 'Radio Esc' himself and played all of the instruments heard too, as he does on all his releases. The talented multi-instrumentalist releases his next album 'SofaNauts' in July. Hopefully by then, Remmington receives plaudits from other outlets too, something he clearly deserves.








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