FUTURE LOWS Release ‘Hells Below’ – And Ireland’s Musical Heritage Thickens Further

Published on 19 April 2022 at 21:39

By Angus Sinclair


Ireland is a country of inflexible beauty. A glimpse into the many wonders of the quaint and historic island brings a kaleidoscope of emotions as the different factors unfurl.


Rugged mountains, scenic fields, and unrelenting crystal waters form an elegant natural beauty, whilst golden beer and hearty meals leave a lingering growling nostalgia for foodies left, right and centre.


But it almost goes without saying, Ireland is quintessentially a land steeped deep in musical heritage; be that the merry lulling of Irish folklore, still a salient aspect of the esteemed jolly nightlife, or the contemporary excellence of eminent industry outfits such as U2, Van Morrison and Hozier – to name a few. 


But for all of Ireland’s musical underbelly, sewed intrinsically into the thread of its very core, the prominence of contemporary artists may just have waned. A nation of music fiends has been crying out for a ferocious modern presence to captivate emotions and pump a melodious vein back to its very best. 


Enter Future Lows; Irish rock may just have its saviour. 


An Irish modern rock duo with a fruitful vision may just chip into the country’s rich musical history with their third release to date, a track that continues a strengthening grip on maturity in both lyricism and production. 


The two-piece made a resounding start to their career with Ghosts and Broken, and are now back with Hells Below, alongside a thrilling video that alerts Ireland and beyond to their growing presence. 


Hells Below is a driven rock anthem served straight from a smoking fire pit; lightning instrumentals collide with the slick vocals of James O’Donnell; lyrics depict a sombre story of the weight of the world and are tinged with ominous darkness. 


Future Lows offered insight into the intricacies of their craft, saying, Hell Below is a song about feeling like you’ve got nothing left to give. Lyrically it’s as real and as dark as it gets but with an overall theme of hope.”


Sometimes in life, it can feel like you’re drowning. This song is about fighting so hard to get to the surface that you question ``would it have been easier to sink?



Here we have a track filled with depressing undertones, whilst simultaneously ushering in a beacon of hope for when life feels like the raging depths of the deepest ocean, when one becomes swallowed into a whirlpool so insurmountable that sinking is a forlorn conclusion.


Future Lows break this notion with an optimistic message, emphasised by the recurring chorus line.


The chorus line – I need a light to find my home – is about understanding the darkness you find yourself in but how even the smallest light can be enough to blind it. It’s a song inspired by desperation and hope. Knowing that you have enough to see it through.”


The resounding, petrol-fuelled underbelly is something that has evaded the Irish music scene through recent years, with the niche in the market practically begging for a new presence to exploit a yearning for a sound the country deserves.


And through all the candour and emotion, lies a truly fantastic musical bond between two talented individuals. Booming guitar riffs partner a sturdy drumbeat and succeed in reminding Ireland of a distinguished musical identity.


Influences from bands like Funeral For A Friend, Bring Me The Horizon and Holding Absence are notable, but there is an authentic aura that will serve Future Lows in their endeavours. 


This is a duo on the rise, this is a duo with a powerful message and an eye for a song to go with it. Ceol agus craic. 






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