SKYLIGHTS Release The Colossal New Single 'Nothing Left To Say'

Published on 19 April 2022 at 22:22



When you add honesty, integrity, passion, and live performances that blow your socks off to the same equation, the outcome will more than less always be Skylights. The palpable Yorkshire band are raring to take the rest of 2022 by storm, and their latest single ‘Nothing Left to Say’ poses as just one lightning bolt of many in the cyclone.


An emotional, raw, and colossal tune, ‘Nothing Left to Say’ pays tribute to a finely tuned composition of indie rock music, Britpop, and punk textures. For fans of Joy Division, Feeder, U2, and Oasis, Skylights are emphatically sending heads turning in the music industry, with their dedication to finding the perfect formulas for each release being noticeable. 


It is a track that signals an already successful year for the Northern rockers. The mainly Leeds-based quartet have sold out shows across the northern hemisphere during their early days, and they recently announced their biggest live performance to date, with a trip to the O2 Academy in Leeds on the calendar. 



‘Nothing Left to Say’ is the second single from the debut album ‘What You Are’ and is a magnificent coin toss between the darker layers of punk and the up-tempo, rosy sounds of the 90s. The track can easily be disguised as a token of what the band are all about, making it the perfect starter kit for those interested in getting to know more about Skylights.


Their previous single from the album ‘Outlaw’ reached second in the iTunes Alternative chart, but as attention descends on their debut album, Skylights will have their focus shifted on building upon the foundations they have created. 







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