'Friday" The Imaginative New Single From THE CONFEDERATION Is Out Now

Published on 20 April 2022 at 22:28



The Confederation is essentially a band that can be described as having a global appeal. Entailing a fusion of sounds throughout each of their songs, they cover soul, pop, rock, jazz, funk, up-tempo music, downtempo solemn, dance, trance, old school, neo soul, and everything in between (as if we haven’t just listed off every genre going!).


Consisting of Simone Miller, Simon Jolly, and Steven Blessing, the trio stand as a melting pot of musical DNA as they fuse together styles from the golden past, vibrant present and exciting future. Their soundscape can better be likened to that of a jungle - with each corner you decide to take, you will find a completely new dimension, something new to saviour for the rest of time.


Their newest single ‘Friday’ features a wildly groovy instrumental section as it delves into the theme of modern love, telling the humorous yet relatable story of a couple that consume each other like hamburgers, each ‘pretending’ not to want more.



The passion with this group is to have fun making music without the confinements of a genre label. Likening their music to creative art, this energetic project is full of love and fire that will hopefully never die out. Sometimes music can be too serious and too exhausting, but not with The Confederation in the spotlight.


Vibrant, eloquent, imaginative, and enlivening, you will never run out of positive words to say about this exciting new musical project as they twirl and pirouette their way to cosmic success. What’s not to love about a project that seeks to restore the pureness in your heart?





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