YELLOWLEES Releases Mesmerising New Single 'Medicine'

Published on 24 April 2022 at 07:51

Photo: Alfred Barwick



There is a certain romanticism when musicians compound together the elements of indie rock music with chart-like summer beats and compelling storytelling. It gets to about this time of the year, every year, and suddenly, no matter what the weather is like in the UK, these songs filter through the radios and instil hopes of warmer weather to come.


The latest to entwine the ethos of summer with the emotional and intrinsic features of mesmerising storytelling, Yellowlees is a singer-songwriter from the South Coast, by way of Norwich. Having played in bands since the age of 15, he now ventures down a path of his own. 


And with embarking on a solo journey comes the great responsibility of finding what your niche is, and for this talented artist, his releases are always full of heart, passion, and honesty. His newest release ‘Medicine’ is no different. The track carries vulnerable, heartfelt lyrics by way of a current of rhythmic, earthy acoustic strumming, adding to it a percolating flow of contagious vocals and cascading guitars. 


‘Medicine’ perfectly maps out the rest of Yellowlees’ successful 2022, with it forming as one part of his next EP; a body of work meticulously crafted over the last year and a half.



Speaking of the latest single, Yellowlees explains: "‘Medicine’ has been on quite the journey over the years! It’s actually the first song I ever wrote as a solo act, all the way back in 2016. It hasn’t ever left me though, and I’ve never quite been able to leave it behind – I’ve kept on playing it live, and it’s always seemed to get a good response from those who hear it.


“Of course, I’ve changed a massive amount since then, and the world is a totally different (and scarier) place, but the sentiment and feeling that runs through the song still rings true for me, and I still think it’s worth singing about. To offer yourself, your heart, to somebody, is a huge thing, and I think we should all do it more. Sure, it’s scary, but hey, we need those in our life that we love. It’s no bad thing to tell someone that you’re always going to be on their team, and that you’ll always do all you can to make them happy. It’s always just a lovely thing to tell someone you think the world of them!


Admitting to undertaking the arduous assignment of replicating a sound that echoes that of Bruce Springsteen, we believe Yellowlees has accomplished this feat pretty well. Lifting people with its vibe and bringing them back down to Earth with the lyrics, ‘Medicine’ is a token for success. 








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