'Millennium' The Unforgettable New Single From THE TRUSTED Is Out Now

Published on 24 April 2022 at 08:19



Expansively stem-winding guitar music, ‘Millennium’ is the unforgettable new single from UK-based band The Trusted. For fans of The Strokes, The Killers, and any lover of dynamic, hair-raising rock music, The Trusted are fast building a reputation as ones to watch this year.


Recorded and produced by Rees Broomfield, and mixed by Grammy nominated Andy Bradfield (Elbow, David Gray, Rufus Wainwright), ‘Millennium’ is a track that fires on all cylinders, delivering subtle electronics and other-worldly synths that are latched onto by a storm of captivating lyricism and venomous vocals.


‘Millennium’ tells the story of growing up in the 21st century, making it a relatable single for an entire generation. The band offer high value in their skilled storytelling and sense of commonality across the board. 


Talking about the release, they say: “Millennium is a song about growing up in the early 21st century. It’s a song about the constant bombardment of information and electronic noise. We live in a time where it’s really hard to switch off and escape the wider world. Everyone wants to be a celebrity and it feels like modern culture worships irrelevant/meaningless content. It’s so easy to lose yourself in an ever-increasing noisy society” 


The Trusted are a band from Southend-on-Sea who built a strong foundation for music through a shared love of strong, melody-led, and atmospheric, edgy pop alongside an appreciation for late 70s new-wave icons such as The Clash and Elvis Costello. With this unique fusion in mind, the band have thrived from their influences, creating their own soundscape because of it.


Known for their mind-boggling live performances, ‘Millennium’ is bound to set the world alight when it hits the head tops of those in small, dingy arenas. Anthemic and electrifying, their newest single oozes with class from start to finish. 








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