VEX MESSAGE Demonstrate Unity With Synth-Rock Banger 'The 1 Big 1'

Published on 26 April 2022 at 18:09

By Angus Sinclair


Camaraderie and cohesion are imperative when it comes to the early stages of a promising band’s path in the relentless and churning machine that is the music industry.


When the roles are shared and when there is parity amongst the song writing the craftmanship and the direction that the band is headed usually follows a soaring upwards trend.


Congruence amongst bandmates is a mighty fine line and one that many talented musicians have fallen foul to through the years.


Think Paul McCartney versus John Lennon, think the schism between Simon and Garfunkel, the highly publicised, and ongoing, boiling animosity between Paul and Liam Gallagher – brothers and acclaimed members of Oasis.


Cohesion is indeed a tightrope when it comes to this particular trade, and it’s hardly surprising with the relentless and excruciating pace and pressure that go in tandem with musical stardom.


Yes, such distinguished individuals have continued to forge successful paths regardless and, in some cases, rectify past tensions, but strength lies in numbers and ideas are often nurtured through shared labour and combined creativity.


This is something that Vex Message understand well, displaying a maturity beyond their years, understanding that through combined efforts their tracks can and will flourish.


The latest synth-rock piece, The 1 Big 1, issues an opening techno wave, swiftly introducing a sturdy percussion-based heartbeat before the literary inspired anthem sees a powerful discourse unravel through the powerful vocals of Derek Meins.


The song was constructed remotely, with Meins saying: “Hopey, our guitarist wrote the bulk of this song. All our tunes come together in different ways, with us all tinkering about with stuff in a Dropbox folder. With ‘The 1 Big 1’, Hopey sent an almost finished version of the music, and I just added my vocals. Sam recorded some drums in the studio and hey presto! We’ve got a tune on our hands.”


This statement effectively confirms the notion that Vex Message bring a musical identity teeming with melodious artistry and maturity in a wizardry in the slick production of the track.


The Lancaster-based trio consists of Derek Meins (vocals), Mark Hope (guitars, synths) and Sam Kirkham (drums), all playing an integral role in the apt construction of their music.


The 1 Big 1 is indeed a literary inspired new single and is set to feature on the band’s debut album, set for release this summer.


Vex Message have seen success with remixes in the past and will see The 1 Big 1 remoulded through the efforts of the talented Thomas Ragsdale, whose credits include Alan Curtis’ BBC Film series ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ and the BBC documentary series ‘Accused – A Woman On Trial’.


In 1980, Russell Hoban wrote a brilliant dystopian science fiction novel, telling an ominous tale of a ruptured civilisation following nuclear war, which has evidently left a lasting imprint on Mark Hope, the chief song writer of this track, with the song referencing the book and depicting a post-apocalyptic Kent and the collapse of language and society.


Mixed and mastered by Jag Jago (The Maccabees, Jessie Ware, The Magic Gang) and featuring some simply spectacular retro artwork provided by Sheffield-based designer Charlie Kondras, this is a track with the visual allure to partner the brilliance of this glowing techno track.


Vex Message are continuing a trend of creating catchy and atmospheric techno-laced rock tunes, pumping life into a niche market in the music business. The 1 Big 1 is a certified banger, and if that isn’t enough, a remix is soon to follow.


I’m sure it will be excellent, after all, Vex Message surpass expectations every time.


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