CAMENS Impress On New Single 'Poltergeist'

Published on 29 April 2022 at 21:25



There are many fascinating stories out there that serve as a microcosm of the band's humble beginnings and the perpetual indefatigability that follows from this place. None more exhilarating than that of Camens, who have released their latest single ‘Poltergeist’ this week.


Back before they were reaching hundreds of monthly listeners, Camens would sneak into Latitude Festival, via a mate's food van to show off their music. Surviving a car crash en route and with no official passes, they smuggled their gear across miles of festival fields to play popup gigs wherever people would let them, doing three shows a day at one point. In a breakfast tent, then on top of a horsebox that served cocktails, then at night as headliners finished, we played as people funnelled out from the main stage. 


After Latitude, the lads decided home time wasn’t in their plans, so they did the same with a £400 caravan at Boardmasters and Green Man. These early stories, along with the fact the band are built on the bedrock layer of a chance Tinder encounter and many other ‘you had to be there’ moments, makes Camens a special listen before you’ve even uncovered their glistening soundscape.


The people who love music are beginning to catch on to the things this marvellous band are doing. Camens are simply just four best friends who have seen each other through genuine tragedies and supreme blessings, but at the end of all of it, they love to create stunning music.



‘Poltergeist’, however, isn’t like their usual candied indie-pop music. Instead, the band aims to throw out their hallmark sound to surprise listeners with a much darker complexion to their otherwise bouncy soundscape. 


The new sound pitches the impression that Camens are tackling 2022 with all that they have in their locker, introducing new stylistics and themes that exceed expectations in a more refined manner. This makes way for a successful new drive in their project as they search for that tangible reward that recognition bestows. 






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