GRANT NESMITH Adds Brilliant New Song 'Days' To His Collection

Published on 4 May 2022 at 18:18



Grant Nesmith has this week released his new springtime single ‘Days’, which is bound to transport listeners to the place it was recorded, in sunny Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Lyrically entailing the changing of the season as we go about our daily lives and sonically delving into shoegaze, indie rock, and dreampop all in one upthrust new song, Grant and his team have added a brilliant new song to their collection.


The new single is sweeping and soulful throughout, and this is something that is matched by the artwork. Created by Danny Brown and his company Design Cypher, he was later involved in a severe motorcycle accident before ‘Days’ was released. This incident breathed more life into the song’s meaning as Grant is donating all proceeds from downloads towards Danny’s GoFundMe page -



Lyrically, though, the track is much more about Myrtle Beach above all. Talking about the song, Grant explained:The song is about Myrtle Beach's landscape and how we go on from day to day while seasons slowly change. Living on the coast, you see a lot of crazy things in the sky over the Atlantic Ocean at night. Also, coming from a tourist town, you see people you grew up with move away all the time thinking the grass is greener elsewhere, only to move back home a few years later.


Ultimately, the sun-swept manner of which ‘Days’ flows tells the story of change. Much like the shores in South Carolina, life is ever-changing, and Grant’s harmonious vocals are matched heavenly with his team’s dreamy soundscape to encapsulate it. 








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