Restless And Passionate, TATUM QUINN Releases ‘Sell Your Soul’

Published on 4 May 2022 at 17:55

By Angus Sinclair


It is often said that creativity is at its best when channelling the deepest and most sincere of one’s emotions. This is especially so when one conveys their feelings through music.


Music utilises sound through fluid, cohesive arrangements to form melodious tunes, in essence – as such, infusing distinctive and personal aspects into songwriting can often open doors to ballads of evocative brilliance.


Pop-rock artist Tatum Quinn knows this, which perhaps one of the reasons why her earnest musical personality is thriving at such an early stage in her career. 


Plying her trade from the eclectic and thriving Canadian city of Montreal, after graduating from the Berklee College of Music, Quinn has steadily been nurturing a burning passion for the musical arts with tenacious work on her craft, and has now released Sell Your Soul, her second single of 2022.


Brooding and atmospheric, Sell Your Soul indeed continues a knack for digging into deep personal issues for Quinn, allowing for her artistic innovation to flourish. 


The song tells the tale of self-struggles, with imprisonment, and feeling undervalued notable strains at the centre of the song's core. 


Quinn has previously noted her desire to resonate with her listeners, painting poignant pictures that let people know that they are not alone in their strife. 


Emotive music is a given, delicate, and beautiful message that often leaves the listener pensively glancing from the window on a rainy day. 


Sell Your Soul’s delicately poised, beautiful message opens a pensive wave of cosmic proportions for those gifted by her musical presence – it’s music from the heart, the kind that takes your mind to a rainy and gloomy day, slumped against by window as the raindrops trickle against the pane. 


Melancholy messages merge seamlessly with a powerful and distinctive voice – Tatum Quinn is no mere straggler in the trade; it won’t be long until a river of flowing followers spills into the mainstream, and the ocean that is the pop-rock industry becomes engulfed by Quinn’s prowess. 








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