NOMAD ANTHEM Release High Energy New Single 'Smile'

Published on 5 May 2022 at 17:14



Nomad Anthem, a three-piece punk rock band hailing from the culture abundant city of Newcastle Upon Tyne, have released their new single ‘Smile’. It tells the story of 2011, a year where close friends started to part ways for members of the band, but also a period where the people they were closest to came together one last time to make some incredible memories.


Smile’ rides on a wave of punk rock adrenaline that flirts with a brass section to introduce the band’s following to a new rhythm they are yet to feel the full force of. As it tells the stories of moments the band will never forget, the song journeys through thick, punchy hook lines and gathers pace in blistering choruses that are bound to wet the lips of anyone who listens.


Forming in 2019, the Newcastle-based band are a high-energy, hook driven punk rock trio who have already been handed a fair few accomplishments in their formative years. Performing at national festivals has been a highlight for Nomad Anthem, but they have also been recognised on their local scene by radio station Nova Radio, having been awarded the title ‘Band of The Year’ at the 2020 Nova Awards.


Now in their fourth year as a band, ‘Smile’ is a single that highlights their progress thus far. While the Newcastle rockers still rely heavily on their rip-roaring passion and deep resources of adrenaline that continues to pull along their releases, their newest song shows a side to Nomad Anthem that suggests there is a clear progression ladder.



Over time, they have experimented with new sounds, subtly introducing a new flavour into their composition with every passing production. Their new ingredient in ‘Smile’ is the brass section, and it proves to be a brilliant addition to their trademark sound.


‘Smile’ still very much clings on to Nomad Anthem’s high-voltage, adrenaline-fuelled penchant, but with new ingredients added to the ante, it represents a more polished sound. 


'Smile' is out now on all major streaming platforms.


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