BIG IMAGE Come Into Their Own On New 'Human Touch Is Forever' EP

Published on 5 May 2022 at 18:35


Sometimes, and not very often, you discover a band that you are instantly smitten with. The first song you hear of theirs astounds, and listening to their back catalogue confirms what you suspected; you have found your new favourite band.


That being said, things haven't been easy for Big Image. They formerly plied their trade as Ivory Wave and it has taken the quartet seemingly some time to become the force they are today. The pieces were all there and now, finally, they all fit together. The band's image (no pun intended) is sharper and their sound, as defined on this new EP, is the group at the top of their game.


'Human Touch Is Forever' is the Midlands-based band's new four track EP comprised of 'Parallel Love Affair', 'Crazier', 'Something' and the new anthemic single release 'Sleeping Alone'. There is a saying that goes "what's old is new" and that can be applied to Big Image and this EP. Their sound is baggy. It's Manchester in the late 80's. It's a euphoric dance anthem. It's everything a band in 2022 should sound like.


The band recently performed 'Something# from the EP at Villa Park.


About the 'Human Touch Is Forever' EP, vocalist George Johnson said: “Human Touch Is Forever defines an era for us. It’s everything we’ve worked towards in the last two years and we’re insanely proud of it. It’s the closest we’ve got to the sound we’ve always wanted, and we can’t wait for the world to finally hear it. Big Image is about to launch into the stratosphere!


'Parallel Love Affair' introduces the collection of songs here and after an intro build that teases the listener, we are treated to the dynamic of a stomping, confident beat and a soaring vocal. This is pop music in the purest sense. For those of us of a certain age, it could well be an anthem of our 90's teen years. That's not to say that the band sound retro or outdated in any way - Big Image clearly have the knack of crafting a song that can tick various boxes yet remain individual and contemporary. 'Crazier' is straight in with a piano riff that can't help but bring a smile yo your face. This is it. The moment you realise that the band "get it" and you get them. 'Something' is Big Image's biggest release to date and rightfully so. Catchy, well produced and with a drum loop that cries out for attention from your feet it is a ready-made club classic. The EP leaves us with 'Sleeping Alone', which demonstrates a slower, softer side to the band's songwriting. A side that should be explored further in the future. However, 'Human Touch Is Forever' is pretty close to perfect as it is.


Big Image live dates:

Sat May 7th Birmingham Space 54 Forum

Sat June 4th Birmingham Sonic Wave Festival

Sat July 16th London Community Festival


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