'Little Fictions', The Emotionally Charged New Single From Danni Nicholls Is Out Now

Published on 5 May 2022 at 19:04



Projecting vocal purity at a premium and lyrical brilliance with poise, multi-award nominated Danni Nicholls overcomes intrusive thoughts of self-doubt on her new track ‘Little Fictions’, finding her post-pandemic voice as she bestows her vehement emotions onto the single.


Finding her way in music with a nomination for the Album, Artist, and Song of the Year categories at the Americana Music Association UK awards in 2017, 2018, and 2020 respectively, the Bedfordshire born talent is hardly a secret. The powerful vocalist and sensational musician is back in 2022 to unleash a beautiful arrangement of figurative distinction that has been missed since her hiatus.


Written in February 2020 with the help of co-writer Rebekah Powell, ‘Little Fictions’ was born from the persistent, niggling feeling of doubt that encumbered Danni. Doubt of the self, of life’s path, of certain relationships, Danni became inspired to write a song that would emulate her feelings while also attempting to stand up and conquer the cycle she found herself entranced in. 



Featuring vocalism that will make even the strongest of listeners faint, and lyricism that will hit the centre of anyone’s heart, Danni and Rebekah have distilled several major human struggles through the titanic release of ‘Little Fictions’. Pulling together influences of folk, pop, and Memphis R&B, the single also stands as the first time Danni has found herself in the lead producer’s seat.


Danni Nicholls has come a long way since the days where she would join in with family singalongs in the company of her country-music loving Grandmother in a home full of American roots music and jive dancing. It seemed from the start that she would lead a life in music, but now she spearheads an American revival of grandiloquent proportions. 








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