THE CHASE Release Stunning Six-Track EP To Mark Their Spring Tour

Published on 6 May 2022 at 16:12

Photo: Magnolialux



Bringing about unforgiving rock ‘n’ roll attitudes and swashbuckling guitar riffs, the council-estate derived band The Chase are back with a brand-new EP that epitomises just what the four friends are all about.


Not The F*cking Game Show’ is a light-hearted title that pokes fun at the often hearing the words “oh, like the game show?” after introducing themselves. The EP itself consists of six riveting tracks that take listeners on a journey through the mind of frontman Tyler Heaney. With an added touch of social commentary, it combines the band’s experiences through the trials and tribulations of life.


Talking about the astonishing EP, The Chase say:If my mind was a TV and you were flicking through the channels, each track on this EP would be a different TV show. From drama to comedy to biopic, it’s an anthology of what it’s like navigating through your 20s. 'Not the F*cking Game Show' is a snapshot of the band throughout the turbulent ups and downs of the last few years. It’s an insight to us as people and the band’s personality is imprinted on every song from start to finish” 


Throughout the release, listeners will get the feeling that The Chase have perfected the art of creating music that will blow the roof off any venue they play at. Fast-paced and enthralling, every single person percolates with a tremendous, almost other-wordily, temperament and attitude.


But during the electricity and chaos is the beauty of ‘Set the World to Rights’, which takes on the role of slowing the EP down. Tyler’s vocals shine in this track, which poses as an emotional and vulnerable ballad in a production that hardly refuses to stop pulsating.


Photo: Magnolialux


As Tyler explains, he believes it is the best track the band have created. On the song, he says: “I am the proudest of these lyrics out of all of our tracks to date. The song was inspired by classic ballads such as ‘Nobody Loves You’ by John Lennon, ‘Only You Know’ by Dion and ‘This Guy’s in Love with You’ by Burt Bacharach, but with a real modern feel. 

“The song lyrically is a tale of two sides - the verses speaking about hard times and loneliness but the chorus speaking about finding someone and changing your perspective. It reflects on a particular time in my own life and is a very personal song.


Another song that shows The Chase are more than just four friends looking to wreak havoc is the final song ‘In the Queue’. An acoustic live version, one-take, recorded at 2Fly Studios, this song was written when Tyler was just 15/16, and although it stands as a brilliant track still, it highlights the band’s steady progression.


But among the two songs brought to the forefront are singles with hammering rhythms and impenetrable hook lines; a sound that has become an intangible feature to the band’s rock heavy displays over the years. The Chase are very much a stadium-sized band waiting to detonate at any given opportunity, but their ability to create mesmerising music is also key to their success.


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