Neon Fields Illuminate Issues Plaguing The World With Hard-Hitting Single ‘Shelter’

Published on 11 May 2022 at 18:27

By Angus Sinclair


A brooding and ominous cloak has covered the globe in recent years. In 2019, the planet was swept by a pandemic that issued a worldwide shutdown to curb the spread of coronavirus.  At the relieving but laboured break of the epidemic, a fresh and far more malevolent presence emerged from the rubble, and a peaceful country in Eastern Europe faced the devastating consequences of full-scale war.


This is the prominent headline on everyone’s mind in contemporary society, with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, headed by the suffocating grip of the tyrannical Vladimir Putin, offering stark similarities to the tale told in the form of the atmospheric and poignant release from UK-based band Neon Fields; industrial rock merged with cinematic soundscapes to unleash a new brand of electronic alternative rock. 


The trio, consisting of lead singer and founder Ed Barrett, percussionist Luke Russe and the versatile Piers Ward – operating keys and guitar – have achieved steady praise in the early stages of their career in the trade, and have continued a tenacious attitude with a third release of the year with Shelter. 


Shelter is an affecting ode to current issues, with lyrics centring around a family plagued by war, and seeking refuge in an air-raid. As the story unfurls, the father - focal point in the narrative – displays a stoic mentality as he attempts to rally his family and serve as a beacon of hope in the face of devastating peril, despite the angst that threatens to seep through the cracks of his gallant façade. 


This crushing track indeed weaves into the largest clash Europe has seen since the conclusion of World War Two in 1945, with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, headed by the suffocating grip of the tyrannical Vladimir Putin, offering stark similarities regarding the tale that Shelter tells.


In a display of solidarity, Neon Fields announced that all profits of the track would go towards the Disasters Emergency Committee – a leading charity aiding the relief effort in Ukraine.



Neon Fields spoke of their conscious efforts to raise awareness of the situation in Ukraine and thought they would utilise their ground as a musical outlet to weave an important message into their craft, one that their listeners would resonate with. 


Electronic undertones to Neon Fields’ music creates a distorted and thrilling listening experience; the flow is not too dissimilar to a film score, with the resounding blend of sound enticing the listener and keeping them fixated on the music pouring into their ears. 


A host of influences offer a glimpse into the impact that has created Neon Fields, an enigmatic and smooth band with a distinct identity. It’s a musical aura that seems segregated from the incessant sea of aspiring artists in the modern age, free from the shackles of artistic constraints, free to swoop and soar across the pastures of a fierce and competitive industry,


The lads have spoken of established figures such as Radiohead, Moderat, and Deftones; true, you can extract elements of esteemed artists, but Neon Fields bring a new dish to the table, voraciously engulfing the resources at their disposal and returning with a profound and authentic presence in the music world. 


As Mark Twain once said: There is no such thing as a new idea. It is impossible. We simply take a lot of old ideas and put them in a sort of mental kaleidoscope.


Neon Fields encapsulate the words of the coveted writer. They are here to stay; take a breath, don’t go anywhere, we have newfound brilliance on the scene.


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