BRENDAN LANE’S Captivating Ballad ‘Oh Child’ Is A Product Of Lifelong Musical Affinity

Published on 13 May 2022 at 10:13

By Angus Sinclair


Music has long been an intrinsic part of Brendan Lane’s life, right from his early days. His father was a jazz musician, thus finding an abundance of records dappled across his home as a child. 


Lane learned to absorb these melodious intricacies that lay at the forefront of his world from an early age, and at the age of eight, rock ‘n’ roll emerged and aptly nestled into his mind. Life had a perpetual purpose. 


Lane has travelled the world with different artists, learning the trade and nurturing his innate artistic ability. Strings were added to the bow and the arrow was fired with emphatic force, striking into the hearts of all who come across the profound and touching nature of his music. 


His latest release, “Oh Child” is a coming-of-age story about breaking free from the shackles of a small American town. It is a ballad that depicts a love story of two young individuals begging to begin an odyssey toward greener pastures and create a future of their own reckoning. A future of more. One of infinite possibilities, with the world as their oyster.


Lane worked with producer John Rupp on the final track, which was recorded at Baby Barn Studios in Halifax, Pennsylvania. Oh Child will be available on all major music streaming services. 


The guitar-driven flow allows Lane's powerful voice to flourish; with his soft yet somewhat gravelly vocals leaving any listeners silent and transfixed by his striking presence.


A concordant, layered vocal performance entwines with a beautiful narrative, and is indeed complemented by the deft yet defining guitar, driving the track forward, leaving a trail of influences such as rock ‘n’ roll, blues, and American folk in its wake.



For someone who lives in the stodgy South of England, it’s very refreshing to hear a fresh musical stance, which Lane provides with aplomb. When I first graced my ears with his music, I kid you not I was transported to that small American town, that longing to break free, to forge a life of his own.


Now it may just be me, but is this not the quintessential nature of music? Lane gave me this, he made me dream of quaint American towns and lush, verdant hills. He made me drift to a world of endearing love, to the thought of finding someone worth sacrificing everything for.


It’s a remarkable piece of music, but such effortless creations simply come naturally to a man with a lifelong musical affinity. 








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