“Do It All Again” The Brilliant New Catchy Indie-Rock Single By AARON SPENCER Is Out Now

Published on 13 May 2022 at 10:40

Words: Kyle Anderson


Do It All Again” perfectly narrates a chance encounter at a party with an ex partner from teenage years. Although life has taken them on different routes, with her in a serious relationship and settled down, seemingly having this life thing all worked out, this chance encounter acts as a spanner in the works. The story looks back at how quickly your early teenage years pass by and how people come back into your life after losing all contact with them. The question is would it be different returning to this old flame now having matured and lived some of life.


This sense of maturity oozes from Aaron Spencer's songwriting, which on the face of it seems simplistic, and it is evident his songs are deep and lyrics are carefully thought out. Written like an award winning author, Aaron has an ability to paint a picture, his canvas being the listeners ears. Making listeners live in the moment as-though the story is unfolding in-front of them, Aaron perfectly narrates relatable topics and truly takes listeners on a journey, setting the scene, taking them through the subject matter and making them feel every moment.


“Do It All Again” brings a new quality to Aaron’s arsenal, with a slightly darker and more cynical edge. This track highlights the advances in his songwriting ability. Similar to previous releases such as “Fire Inside”, Aaron has once again released a track that after one listen seems instantly recognisable, playing out as an indie-rock ear worm. Relatable lyrics are bound together with Aaron’s distinctive voice and  unique sound which he has impressively crafted at such at early stage of a promising career.



Aaron is a proud Cumbrian lad at heart who now crafts his skills in Liverpool where he moved to progress his career, a decision which is paying off massively for the talented singer-songwriter. Making a massive statement on the live scene as one of the UK’s most promising acts, Aaron has supported Tom Lumley and The Brace Liaison at Manchester’s Gulliver’s and Tom Rogan at Zanzibar in Liverpool. Notable gigs include taking to the Main Stage at The Boof Festival before The Sherlocks and The Snuts in August and headlining The Jacaranda in Liverpool.


Launching his solo career in 2020 with a string of releases including “Sticky Dancefloor”, “Flower” and “Where Are You Now”, Aaron chose not to let the pandemic curb his momentum with release after release. Aaron has kept momentum building and is destined for greatness if he keeps up this pace. This work rate has gained him feature slots on This Feelings ‘Best New Bands’ Spotify playlist along with features from Reyt Good Magazine (RGM), Indie Buddie, Nexus Music Blog, Tongue Tied Magazine, Xune Mag, Come Here Floyd and CLOUT.


“Do It All Again” the brilliant new catchy Indie-Rock single by Aaron Spencer is out now on all major streaming platforms.







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