'You Want Me' The Pre-Summer House Banger from Charlie Baker & George Daniell Is A Treat

Published on 22 May 2022 at 08:10



Charlie Baker first liberated his music to the world in July 2021 with the release of ‘Better With Me’. Since then, the 21-year-old has worked his fingers to the bone on penning new singles, including the highly rated production of ‘Didn’t Know’ and ‘Thinking Twice’, which has often led to the young singer-songwriter garnering much deserved praise for his ability to step into any genre and still give rise to a construction that is equally impressive no matter the choice of soundscape.


This week, with the delivery of ‘You Want Me’, Charlie ventures into the seemingly unknown realms of house music. Joined by London DJ/Producer George Daniell, who is gaining momentum as one of the UK’s most promising acts, the duo discovers an intangible chemistry, bouncing off each other to convey a sound worth listening to on repeat.


In previous releases, Charlie’s vocals and storytelling attributes are just two key components that shine through over the rest of his qualities. From song to song, it is a hallmark that is distinguishable. And although a completely unique sound to the aforementioned singles, they appear to be two traits that can be heard vehemently with the backdrop of the freshest house music throughout ‘You Want Me’.


Narrating a love encounter in a cat and mouse fashion, Charlie waxes lyrical on the sibylline themes of intimacy and temptation to distribute yet another outstanding song. The main difference to his previous releases, though, is the inescapably addictive ripples of house music that linger long in the memory after listening once, twice, or maybe three times in a row. 


‘You Want Me’ is, above all, a foreshadowing to the success both the artists involved can expect in the primes of their careers. Two of the UK’s hottest young acts join forces to punch their ticket to the big leagues in an incredible collaboration, giving way to a ravishing new single.


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