HALLWORTH Has Created A Beautiful Love Song With New Single ‘Will You Love Me Later’

Published on 22 May 2022 at 08:34

Photo: Hunter Scott



Operating and creating sentimental music under the name ‘Hallworth’, Hannah Lloyd has released her sophomore single ‘Will You Love Me Later’ – an incredibly personal song, written at the piano in her South London home.


Drawing attention to her slow-paced, nostalgic vocalism that is polished by her deeply intimate song writing skills, Hallworth’s new single was written just two months ago, having been self-produced by herself, with her brother Lewis helping with the mixing. It is a beautiful creation that Is a first for Hannah.


I had never written a love song before,” Hallworth confessed when waxing lyrical about the record. “And I think that was because I’d never fallen in love. My songs are about personal experiences, and it took me experiencing it myself to understand how to put it into words.”


The track presents a first-time exploration of the uncertainty of falling love and the vulnerability of opening yourself up for the south Londoner. But without hearing her confession, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who sounds more experienced with love. 


Whether that is in the sense that she produces the perfect, emotion-driven single, suggesting she has been through the fluctuating realities of the themes in question, or the fact that you can tell she has experienced an eternal love for making amazing music, this superstar is definitely not new to the industry.


Photo: Hunter Scott


Hallworth has also been filling her calendar with new gig dates. She recently completed another first-ever in the form of a headline tour around the north of England, and she culminated it with a successful headline London show. Her next destination is The Bedford in London on 24th May, and after listening to just a snippet of what she has in store, we would recommend attending.


Will You Love Me Later’ is set to make tears jerk and memories flood back, but it is a mighty fine addition to Hallworth’s emotive collection of personal tales. 


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