Published on 25 May 2022 at 16:10

Curated by Adam Wright


Welcome to the latest Our Sound Music singles round up. We’ve got another fresh selection of the hottest releases to emerge on the indie scene. We hope this makes the week ahead just that little bit easier. First up, as usual, is this week’s Single Of The Week. This week it comes from Ewan MacFarlane. The Scotland-based singer has released his second single of the year, ‘All Those Years’. The track comes hot on the heels of the deluxe edition of his debut album and continues his creative development. The tune is one of euphoria; showcasing bright tones and soaring choruses. It’s also the leading single from his forthcoming album, ‘Milk’, which we await with anticipation.  


Also coming from Scotland, this next one is sure to turn a few heads. It comes from Artesan and is called ‘Fly’. The tune is the groups third single to date and showcases the band building on their acoustic rock sound. With lyrics that lament the break up of a relationship, the tune finds a distinctive power in its delivery. Sounding similar to a ballad by The Beatles or Led Zeppelin, it’s not a track you want to let slip you by…next up is a track that continues a similar vibe. It comes from the Liverpool-based Simon Howard. The singer/songwriter added ‘Not Like Superman’ to his discography last Friday and it’s a track that does well in encapsulating his sound. It features delicate and empowering instrumentation fronted by a soft and well rounded voice. Very much in the same folky box as Bob Dylan and Ben Howard, the track finds beauty in its retro simplicity…uip next is a track that comes from an artist who has also previously captured the attention of indie publications. Joe Hicks’ ‘Mirror Mirror’ was a track that pushed the singer into a bolder sound. He’s back again with a continuation of that in the double A side, ‘One More Step/Make It Home Here’. The tracks, while both demonstrating his natural ability as a songwriter, show contrasting sounds. The former showcases his pop influences, while the latter sees the singer in a more stripped back setting. Both songs will appear on the singer’s upcoming album, so watch out for that…next this week is the new track from I know I know - the nom de plume of Tommy Hill. The new track, named ‘Honey’, was dropped on Friday and showcases the solo artist’s driven sound. Chunky rhythms and thick guitar lines pound the track along while the singer’s drawn out and misty vocals give it a distinctive feeling. A great start to his year…the next one comes from an artist who you have likely heard of as she’s a developing talent on the indie scene. Coventry-based YNES has added to her catalogue of pop-punk infused Brit-pop with her new track, ‘Fake What Your Mama Gave You’. The song throws shade at the prevalence of middle-class bands in the industry and does so in a poppy, tongue-in-cheek manner. The track comes from the singer’s upcoming EP, due for releases later this year…and finally for this week we have a tune from the Dublin-based Shobsy. The solo artist’s new track, named ‘Driven’, blends contemporary and retro sounds to create a synth infused and genre dodging sound that crosses from synth pop into R&B. Pounding electro rhythms create an uplifting vibe, while floating lead and backing vocals give a certain translucency. 


All of the above releases can be listened to on our Spotify Playlist here.

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