ETTIE Oozes Nostalgia With Energetic Pop-Punk Single “Until I Met U”

Published on 25 May 2022 at 17:48

By Angus Sinclair


To make music is to embody creativity. Innovation. Fertile thinking. A musician is an artist, and their mind is their canvas. So, I like to keep this planted within my own mind when I listen to a previously unearthed artist.  And this brings me to Ettie, back once again with the inspired new song “Until I Met U”. 


Ettie is a striking new presence on the queer-pop scene, brimming with life and creativity. An English Literature graduate, Ettie knows a thing or two about spinning a story and has received plaudits for her brand of music. Until I Met U is earnest, brooding and powerful, transforming Ettie’s thoughts and feelings into a track of diamond value, of finding someone that injects meaning into life and shines light on testing times. 


It’s the kind of song that casts you back to the 00’s, the influence of the bouncing pop-punk scene is evident, and you feel such a piece deserves a place amongst prior top hits from two decades ago, such is the total command of sound and craftsmanship on display.  She has been working on the release since August and you can certainly feel her tenacious nature, with seamless composition, the assist of a roaring and resounding guitar, and professional and processed production resulting in a meticulous and top-notch anthem.


Ettie’s venom can be sensed throughout the track, flitting to the forefront and back again like waves on a moonlit tide, channelling energy and force in the shape of a pop-punk banger with a twist. 


The compelling debut EP “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” put Ettie’s name on the map, with highlight single “I’m Sorry to my Exes” achieving viral success and telling the narrative of embracing one’s sexuality and quashing the frivolous games played with former boyfriends, since playing for ‘the other team’.  Ettie may cherish her identity and convey this through her tracks, attracting an endearing fanbase, but the boundaries of her artistry lay not at the shackles of musical genres, but freed and unchained in a quirky and authentic presence that will distinguish her as an illuminating new player at the table. 


Hints of Pale Waves linger in pockets, whilst Avril Lavigne is a clear influence, 00’s band culture is also an element infused into the core of Ettie’s demeanour. 


Her honest and evocative outlook on life merges with her pop-punk identity, crucially owning that narrative, staying true to herself, and resonating with listeners, a lighthouse of hope and a radiant beacon of guidance. 




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