THE TOO LATE Offer Laudable Versatility With Acoustic Version Of “One Hit Love”

Published on 11 June 2022 at 07:26

By Angus Sinclair


Last year, The Too Late unleashed their artistic talent to the world with One Hit Love, a fresh and nuanced pop anthem with a searing blend of influences. The positive response left little choice but to display their musical versatility with the track’s acoustic counterpart. 


The indie pop duo from Glasgow, Scotland harness a score of styles including dance style beat, contemporary pop and beloved rock elements, and there is a flexibility on display as two artists weave their way around genre constraints and return with a varied and refined sound. 


This is embodied through the tender shadow to One Hit Love; by stripping the song bare and ushering a more delicate approach, that innate musical variation is highlighted once more. 


Both versions carry a presence of their own, whilst simultaneously keeping that sturdy core that will serve Connor and Ryan well on their odyssey toward prominence in the trade. 


The Scottish song writers possess their own musical distinctions and combine these with aplomb to present a unique finish; like fish down a gushing stream, their identities stand separate, yet their journeys irrevocably entwine, and they ride the current together.  


The lyrics are catchy, certainly capable of perching atop of the swarm of pop competitors. The sweet and simple guitar riff gives the anthem substance and succeeds in providing a foundation for the catchy wave of sound to carry you through. 


The acoustic incorporates the delicate chords of the piano, and where the standard version leaves you in the mood to dance, you instead feel lulled by the sweet-sounding melody. 


One writer proclaimed: ‘The track acted as a natural conclusion to where pop music is right now’, and they could not have hit the nail home with finer precision. 


The Too Late are new to the scene, but they possess the necessary array of tools to manufacture a product of renowned success. There is work to be done, but you can count on these talented lads to return with further music that will catapult them closer to the forefront of the trade. 


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