GEORGIA MARIA Injects Acoustic Rock With Expansive Soundscapes On Latest Release 'Thunderbolt'

Published on 11 June 2022 at 08:14



Described as ‘Joni-meets-Joan-Jett’, London-based rocker Georgia Maria brings a new meaning to acoustic music with her latest production ‘Thunderbolt’. Often synonymous with stripped back vocals and harmonious melodies, the Camden native injects acoustic rock with expansive soundscapes and turbocharged temperaments.


Georgia Maria has combined all her past musical experiences, having been an integral member of several bands over her career, to channel her diverse mystique in her redefining solo career. The talented singer/songwriter unites folk-like lyricism with savvy rock’n’roll intensity to bring about a unique sound that has already turned many heads.


As an angsty teenager, Georgia gained credibility through building a following on YouTube, which she posted guitar videos on. She impressed so much so that a Canadian couple gifted her with a home-made guitar that she plays to this day. A move to London in 2018, though, signalled the start of even greater things for the exuberant musician.


In 2019 alone, Georgia performed at 172 gigs, and while she has now garnered a formidable reputation as a fierce live act, she fails to recognise where her career will end and where her peak is. She is on a trailblazing path to fame, and she improves every day she grinds.


Thunderbolt’ acts as an epitome of all Georgia’s experiences and how she has reached a level where she is commanding with her music and stage presence. Acoustic music like you’ve never heard before, Georgia Maria is excellent on all levels. 


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