'Feel Alive', The New Single From The Theatrical THE GREAT LESLIE Is Out Now

Published on 11 June 2022 at 08:56



In their press release, The Great Leslie is described as ‘a metaphysical, Bond-like, Spartacus-esque being, originally in the guise of Tony Curtis in his crowning role, and now personified by four ex-cons sent down for indecent assault after, loudly, and in unison, passing wind in a cinema.’


This was admittedly a very complicated way of putting things, so we will attempt to simplify it. The Great Leslie is a band that consists of four theatrical friends that are in a pursuit of creating music that will enhance the senses and leave nothing left to be desired. 


‘Feel Alive’ is their latest track and it looks to return the band to their powerful best with catchy hooks and riveting soundscapes. The band continuously finds different ways in bolstering their stardom, with each single release seeing a 999% growth through 2021 across every metric on Spotify.


Having kicked off their 2022 with the Valentine’s release ‘Hold On To My Ex’, receiving unanimously positive reviews, their newest hard-hitting single sets its targets on improving the band’s reputation further. 


Of the single, vocalist Ollie Trevers says: “‘Feel Alive’ is about when you’re completely enamoured with someone and the mental repercussions of that infatuation. It focuses on the carnal and physical aspects of becoming addicted to another person, viewing it as severely as any other addiction by exclaiming that without that person, you can’t survive.”


The song’s development was very easy and organic. I had the basis of the song and its general structure completed before showing the band, but we then developed and arranged the entire tune together. We played it over and over in practice to see where the song wanted to go naturally, and then evolved it in pre-production at Alfie’s studio. Even when we came to the actual recording, we continued to add fresh ideas to give it the big sound it now has.”


Portraying a range of different sounds is ever paramount to success to the lifespan of a new band. Often, the bands that fail to switch up their direction from time to time are the ones who undergo a steep downfall. But in the case of The Great Leslie and their new single, a return to their hard-hitting past has gone down as a real treat. 


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