LISSY TAYLOR Releases Her Vocally Empowering New Single 'She's A Stunner'

Published on 2 July 2022 at 15:08



If there was one component in Lissy Taylor’s latest single ‘She’s A Stunner’ that reverberates most fondly, it’s the grip that the British singer/songwriter has on her audience with her empowering voice that can control a room.


Bringing seductive sassiness and powerful harmonies to her newest production, Taylor has fashioned her own sound across her discography, and ‘She’s A Stunner’ is perhaps the most indicative of her progress and direction yet.


Produced by Gareth Nutall (Frank Turner, Lottery Winners, The K’s), sonically the single features opulent guitar leads that crash into a wall of rhythmic drum beats. When merged all together, the outcome is an exhilarating track that leaves listeners begging for more.


When I wrote She’s A Stunner I wanted to write a big empowering track about strong women”, Lissy told us. “I purposefully didn’t focus on any distinctive features because I wanted everyone to feel the main character's energy. I wanted to vibe that strong powerful women are sexy; I’m bored with the damsel in distress narrative. It's overdone.


‘She’s A Stunner’ is the second release from a collection of four tracks set to be unveiled by the Stoke-On-Trent musician in 2022. It follows previous single ‘Young’, her sophomore EP ‘Undercurrent’, and debut EP ‘Wildflowers’ that was released in 2020. 


Naturally gifted at translating her emotions into championing mood-boosting tracks, Taylor has shown yet again that her attitude and desire alone is useful in her pursuit for musical success. The talented solo artist continues to deliver on all cylinders in every release, with her latest production feeling like a single that would sit pretty among some of the best of modern indie records. 


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