FLYNT Release Their New Indie-Pop Banger 'Do I'

Published on 2 July 2022 at 15:26



Featuring former Nickelodeon star Brad Kavanagh, UK indie-pop band Flynt have released their new single ‘Do I’ – featuring synth soundscapes wrapped in a tender touch of chart music and bubbly shades of upbeat undertones, the new track promises to entertain.


New listeners to the band that favour a sound familiar to the likes of Charlie Puth and Alfie Templeman may be quick to acknowledge the harmony and happiness that is at the centre of Flynt’s musical output. What might be left to desire, though, is the emotion-laden themes of their releases.


In the case of their newest production, ‘Do I’ is an exploration of tragedy all to an infectious optimistic score. “We are basically obsessed with heartbreak”, says the band. “We love wondering why and how things end up in such a bad way. We get a kick out of writing songs that sound energetic and happy… but really, really aren’t.” 


And at the core of their success is a true underdog story. Failing to impress Warner years ago, Brad found a reignition in his musical journey through the connection with primary school teacher Emma, who takes up the role of co-vocalist. Going on to find a bond with a band of misfits, Flynt gave new inspiration that proved a testament to success without the backing of a label.


‘Do I’ is a track that explodes with emotion laced in a spectacular whirlwind of grace and charm. While previous musical endeavours may not have gone to plan for Brad, he has now found the all-embracing formula to creating music that will entertain and provide a platform for expression. He and his band are capable of so much more, and it’s now an expectation. 


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tara Bennett
2 years ago

I love BAND FLYNT i love your FLYNT MUSIC i love it Pretty amazing i love your guitar Brad kavanagh i love you like best friend forever is you Brad kavanagh💓💓😇😇🇬🇧🇬🇧🙏🙏