The Talented & Promising BETWEEN THE FRAMES Releases Second Single 'Because Of You'

Published on 12 July 2022 at 10:23



The 2020s is becoming the decade of multi-instrumentalists that forge their music under a title that would make you think they were a band. We can’t be certain where the origin came from, but Tame Impala is the most obvious example of such a trend, and the latest to mimic the practice is Ben Jones, otherwise known as ‘Between The Frames’.


But instead of the mysterious, synth-dominant, party anthems that Kevin Parker relishes, Jones, who hails from North Yorkshire, adopts the unadorned theme of two fictional characters that are in love and enhances it by infusing his musical talents into it and turning a simple story on its head.


After releasing his debut single ‘The First Time’ on March 4th, 2022, amassing 5000 Spotify streams along the way, he is back with his sophomore production ‘Because Of You’, which depicts the feeling that love brings. 


Glossy guitars and upbeat drum transitions provide the foundations to a brilliant summer song, but Jones’ glistening storytelling and hazy vocals are what complete a perfect soundtrack to the sensation of an immersive love that keeps you up at night.



What ‘Between The Frames’ executes brilliantly in their latest showpiece is the simplicity of the theme and meaning being wrapped in a bubble of deep-layered vocalism and Taylor Swift-like harmonies. ‘Because Of You’ shows that, although the topic is plain, music can bring out the best of the story being told. 


This is not your ordinary, cliché-ridden love song. This is the work of a talented multi-instrumentalist that is going places – a one to watch for the remainder of the year. Through the support he has already received from his fans, and the promising teamwork he shares with LA-based producer Samael Orozco, Ben Jones is in good stead for a bright future. 


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