SLEEPSPIRIT Release 'Reflections' With Captivating Music Video

Published on 12 July 2022 at 12:42



Tackling mental health and addressing addiction head-on through a dark narrative, New Hampshire five-piece Sleepspirit are back with a brand-new single titled ‘Reflections’. 


The new single brings eruptive soundscapes with Bobby Fitzgerald’s loud, unrelenting vocals threading together an action-packed release with strains of elaborate breakdowns being consistent throughout. Full-tilted and energetic, ‘Reflections’ is a track that sonically encapsulates a brutal reality in a world of conflicts and shadows.


“Reflections is about battling the demons of addiction and anxiety,” the band shares. “Coming from personal experience and the experience of watching others, we felt compelled to start implementing more of this topic into our music. To an outside observer, the battle with addiction and/or anxiety can seem like a trivial one, but it's horrific to the individual living in their head wondering why they can't be better and move on. It is a topic that is not spoken about enough publicly. Sure, everyone knows about it, but it seems instead of searching for solutions people are always searching for reasons why.”


The raucous new production is also accompanied by a music video that features black and white filters of the band performing along with layers of rippling water, flames, and mirrored reflections of vocalist, Fitzgerald. It is somewhat an uncomfortable viewing, which perfectly pairs with the meaning behind the lyrics.



With the release of ‘Reflections’, Sleepspirit have earmarked their authentic sound of aggressive rock and space-like ambience that they have been emitting since 2017. To commemorate their latest stadium-sized anthem, the band will be touring near their hometown of New Hampshire, providing fans with a fiery affair.


Sleepspirit show dates:

July 1st—Manchester, NH—Jewel Music Club 

July 14th—Lowell, MA—Taffeta Music (Streaming Live on Twitch)

July 31st—Providence, RI—Fete Music Hall

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