THE FANTINES Independently Launch Their Latest Single ‘City Boy’

Published on 12 July 2022 at 13:49

Words: Max Bradfield


Five-piece The Fantines have released their latest single ‘City Boy’ – a fun yet tragic tale. Perfect for fans of Bloc Party, Kaiser Chiefs, Royal Blood and Slaves, this newest track tells the story of a wannabe yuppy from the suburbs ashamed of their background. It comes off the back of another single release from 2022, ‘Three Kings’ and adds to an ever growing arsenal of reputable tracks. 


A contemporary post-punk twist on 00’s indie rock flows through the very core of this single. ‘City Boy’ is an anthem with a pounding upbeat rhythm and a summertime riff. Irreverent lyricism tells the story well in a spoken tone reminiscent of Billy Bragg. Mocking the subject, the band relate well to their audience – “He thinks he’s the don, but don’t be fooled”, or “Take him out of town, he’s as lost as a cat”. It turns out relatability is a strong point for the boys as songwriter and guitarist Tommy Terry-Green described: City Boy is a song about that one person that everyone who grew up in the suburbs knows. They’re ashamed of where they’re from and desperately try to be someone that they’re not. It’s fun, but also has an underlying tragedy to it.



Hailing proudly from Essex and unlike the ‘City Boy’ The Fantines are clear on their identity. The band consists of Adam Walter (lead vocals, guitar), Tommy Terry-Green (guitar), Karl Hamer (synth/keys), Joe Bumpus (Bass guitar) and their session drummer. This band knows the scene and Adam, Tommy and Joe were originally members of The Tomcats. That previous band made waves locally over 10 years ago and were considered ‘One of the best upcoming bands of 2011’. They also charted in the Top 100 Indie Bands in the world on ReverbNation. 


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