MATILDA SHAKES Rev The Engine With High-Octane And Thrilling Single “Fast Lane”

Published on 12 July 2022 at 19:23

By Angus Sinclair


Sheffield-based band Matilda Shakes are back, riding the summer wave with exhilarating new single “Fast Lane”, which by chance  coincided with last month’s British Grand Prix at Silverstone. 


Released at the end of June, the track revs to high-speed right from lights out, showing a distinctive return to their initial endeavours with the rock’n’roll aura laced with distortion throughout.  Matilda Shakes are an anthemic indie rock band, wowing listeners with a blend of juicy riffs and catchy melodies, bolstering the vocals of frontman James Hallam with apt strumming of the guitar and the sturdy crash of the drum.


Not that the voice at the helm doesn’t cut the mustard. Oh no! There is a profound artistic control here; baritone vocals roar with conviction, the sound itself is melodic and embodies the very aura of rock’n’roll, with the subtle gush of pitch and tone making for a rollercoaster of a ride throughout.


The rock laced anthem sees the band return to their roots after exploring various avenues at their disposal, all to great effect. With distorted riffs and fantastic mastering, this is an essential track for anybody in dire need of new music to roar their summer into life.  The choruses teem with life and make for a memorable occasion for any fortunate enough to stumble across a band teetering on the cusp of bursting into life and leaving a mark in the indie rock scene. Honestly, it’s a matter of when, not if. 


The track also makes constant reference to Formula One and deserves plaudits for its duality of meaning, even referring to revered former champion Michael Schumacher in the opening segment: Living life in the fast lane, Schumacher, podium, and cheap champagne.”


In 2019, four lads gravitated and set their sights on creating a band and merging artistic talents, using the unprecedented shackling confinement of Covid-19 presenting a golden opportunity to focus attention on forging a pathway into the indie rock trade.  The band’s third single of 2022 follows previous releases ‘Shakedown’ and ‘Up All Night’ - the bands two most successful tracks to date – and changing the narrative, with the referenced tracks a cry for a return to normality and partying after the pandemic. 


The lads have also been driving their success forward with an increasing number of live performances to strengthen their fight to prominence, receiving a nomination for ‘Best unsigned band’ at the recent Exposed Awards.  We at Our Sound Music think Matilda Shakes might just be on to something here. Despite their relative youth as a group, there is a ubiquitous maturity located within each release to date.


But rest assured, this band’s energy and cohesion flows like a crystal-clear river, vicious and unyielding as it makes its journey downstream, an unending torrent of relentless energy and emotion. 


Check Matilda Shakes out now, you won’t be disappointed! Just remember to thank me later when you boast the fact you knew this wonderful burgeoning band before they hit the big time. 


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