EDGE OF 13 Are Back This Year With Guitar-Driven Album Release “Real Seaside Graffiti’

Published on 12 July 2022 at 19:44

By Angus Sinclair


Edge of 13 is making its way into the trade, an energetic and roaring four-piece that offer a fresh take on rock with a knack for a tune to get you off your feet and the melodious boom to go with it. 


The band’s first album release, ‘Real Seaside Graffiti’, is a resounding resurgence to the tumultuous genre after a five-year hiatus, with the guitar-driven musicians eager to earn their place and exhibit their prowess for rip-roaring riffs and strong, driven vocals. 


With the album first gracing the world in May, it was the subsequent live performances that really hammered the message home: this is a group who can put on a show! With the scorching heat currently laying a fiery blanket across the UK, Edge of 13 have been performing live to bopping listeners for a few months now, revelling in the chance to provide entertainment after so long.


The band have played at some exciting projects recently, such as: The Telegraph, Bridlington, and Staxtonbury Music Festival; as well as being a part of the Heavy North headline tour, taking place in September at O’Rileys in Hull. 


The album opens with “Two At A Time”, upbeat and brimming with electric energy and a perfect way to grab the attention and usher the crowds to their feet and prompting them to cut a rug,  “Into The Light’ is another great tune on show. Channelling energy like lightning from the sky, Edge of 13 provide further gripping music with neat wordplay and tuneful harmonisation – an excellent display of musical camaraderie! 


Edge of 13 is also being plauded after recently seeing “My My” played on BBC Music Introducing, presenting their music to a whole host of new listeners.  And what a track it is too! The energetic riffs and catchy chords are a delicious condiment to the powerful vocal performance. The repetition of the chorus ‘my my, what I’d do to make this right’ makes for a touching song that will certainly resonate with listeners. 


TNT” is a brooding tangle of metaphorical lyricism, with ostensibly the most robust and effective use of the guitars, closely trailed by the steady beat of the drum.  Some might argue that “The Great Mistake” deserves that mantle, with its genre-bending sound demonstrating the band’s diverse hand when it comes to delivering on stage. 


Ultimately, what Edge of 13 offers is a brand of music that captivates and roars into life from the off, continuing a robust and rock-heavy energy that will leave you calling an encore upon the conclusion.  The guitar is certainly the main ingredient for this dish, with its nuanced sound at the forefront of each track, shifting somewhat each time and adding a different dimension to keep the listener on their feet. 


Despite the years of inactivity, Edge of 13 have displayed little sign of ring rust when that niggling itch returns to create new music, and the cohesion will only strengthen as a year littered with gigging continues. 


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2 years ago

Followed this band from the off and have certainly come into their own. The new album will certainly have you heading for the repeat button

Sue MacLeod
2 years ago

What a fabulous review! These guys are brilliant live and their album is rocking fantastic!