LIAM DUTCH Talks To Us About His Upcoming New Single 'What's Your Problem?'' And Chelsea FC's Chances This Season

Published on 14 July 2022 at 05:17


OSM: Hi Liam, your new single ‘What’s Your Problem?’ is out this Friday. What can listeners expect from the track and how does it differ from your last release ‘Settle Down?’

Yeah it is different, for sure - this track a lot more bounce and aggression. They can expect a big riff, a big chorus and plenty of snarl. 


OSM: ‘Settle Down’ received plaudits from several outlets and the music video in particular was amazing. Will there be a video for ‘What’s Your Problem?’ and what can viewers expect?

Yeah it was nice it had a good reaction. Yeah there will be, they can expect bumper cars, dancing, shadow boxing and other random clips. Quite a few people sent in some clips for it so we’ll see how it feels when I’ve finished shooting my parts. 


OSM: How did the new single come together - did you start with a chord structure then a melody..or?

Literally sat down one morning, found the chord progression straight away and then melody and lyrics came right after. The whole thing was over in a flash. 



OSM: As the writer, what is the song about, what’s the message?

I think the overarching theme is corruption, wanting to get out of a sticky situation. It’s all around us. 


OSM: You are known for your prolific songwriting - what can listeners expect in the near future in terms of releases? Is there an EP on the horizon?

Thanks, I try to write as much as I can. Yeah, the EP is going to be out in August! 


OSM:  And finally. You are a huge fan of Chelsea FC - what do you think of their chances this season?

Yeah, I am indeed. I’m interested to see who comes in and who leaves this summer, but always buzzing for Chelsea and always optimistic. Also, I’m just buzzing for football to be back in general. Feel naked without it.


'What's Your Problem?' is out tomorrow, Friday the 15th of July and is available to pre-save here

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