Published on 14 July 2022 at 06:02

Curated by Adam Wright


Welcome to the OSM single round up. As ever, we hope this collection helps you in some way throughout this next week. As ever, we will start with this week’s Single Of The Week. This week it comes from Exit Kid. The London-based duo dropped ‘Sura’ last week; a tune that further exemplifies the band’s dexterous capabilities. The track showcases a rock-inspired core that expands into a soaring and anthemic soundscape. With elements of grunge and psych thrown in, Exit Kid have ratified their position as one of the most adept and fresh sounding bands right now. 


Next up this week is the new drop from Joe Hicks. Hicks is an artist you’ll likely have heard of if you’re a follower of OSM. His new release, named ‘Out Of My Mind’ - taken from his forthcoming album - showcases just why we’re such fans. Bright and melodic instrumentation drenches the tune in summer feelings, while Hicks’ vocal adds a further layer of bright tones. An undeniable tune for the forthcoming summer. ..this week’s next tune comes from a similar place. It’s the new drop from Morning Midnight; the Glasgow duo’s latest release, ‘Blurry’, is a bedroom pop triumph. The track finds beauty in its subtle approach to production. Soft, Ben Howard inspired vocals float on top of minimalist pop rhythms that carry the song’s poignant subject matter home. ..Sticking with dreamy music from Scotland, this next one, from Plasmas, also showcases similar tones. The track is called ‘See It Through’ and features a gentle and glittering sound that captures the 1990s. Its shimmering vocal and light guitar tones make up the bulk of the sound, and are used to craft an inviting tone that finds strength in its translucency...Idle Hours are next up with their new track, ‘Televangelist’. The Manchester-based group have added to their bustling year with a further development of their jangly and fresh sound. The tune, which examines the greed displayed in modern media, features Blur-inpsired vocals and modern garage rock instrumentation that culminate in a well-rounded and infectious song. It’s taken from their forthcoming EP - due out in August. up is the latest tune from The Mono LPs. The track, named ‘You Say’ is a release as tender as any you’ll hear this week. The tune is centred around its raw and honest lyrics, which explore the feelings felt after the loss of the lead singer’s mother. Soft instrumentation props up the vocal and creates a tune as raw as it is musically developed. ..last but not least on this week’s list is ‘Ursodfrnt’ - the latest deep dive into psych-punk from the Southampton-based Mystic Peach. The trio dropped the track last week and have furthered their exploration of experimental sounds. Heavy, trashing instrumentation catapult the track into chaos before subsiding to reveal more subtle tones. The process repeats throughout the tune, which gives the track a distinct and indelible edge.



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