LIAM DUTCH Releases Colossal New Track 'What's Your Problem?'

Published on 15 July 2022 at 09:11



Looking to build momentum after dropping the bombshell new single ‘Settle Down’ in April of this year, Liam Dutch has produced another colossal track named ``What's Your Problem?”. This time, while the China-based Englishman aimed to comprise romanticism in his last song, the new one doesn’t hold back in energy and vigour.


Released today, ‘What’s Your Problem?’ blends catchy lyricism with radio-friendly rhythms to the chorus of pathological guitar walls and steady drum beats. Recorded once again at Graham Wann’s studio in Shenzhen, Liam shifts his tone up a notch to uncloak a sound that sits further towards the heavy end of indie rock music.


Sonically, Dutch repeatedly proves that he can chop and change his approach to new releases, with both expeditious and fast-paced singles being just as likely to be heard in his collection as relaxed and measured concepts.


On writing ‘What’s Your Problem’, Liam Dutch says: “I wrote it really fast. I woke up pissed off one morning, got the guitar out, wrote it in about twenty minutes and had the first demo by the end of the day. It all came together really quickly.”


The creation of the single differs to the earworm storytelling of his last track, but no doubt, his authentic voice, which sounds similar to the vocals of Alex Turner during his involvement with The Last Shadow Puppets, is still a prominent feature of his style.


And to add further layers to his creative process, Liam explains the message behind the lyrics, saying that: “The opening line is a good pointer. I guess it’s about being in a corrupt environment and how I deal with it. It’s a fuck you to the slippery kinds of people. I can’t say too much about the specifics, the man has eyes and ears everywhere.”


With a music video to follow, which promises “bumper cars, dancing, shadow boxing, aur guitars and supermarkets”, ‘What’s Your Problem?’ is Liam Dutch’s most exciting release to date.


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