RED LETTER’s ‘Burn It Down’: A Brutal Metalcore Tune That Holds Deeper Meaning Within

Published on 25 July 2022 at 16:16

Words: Max Bradfield


Stalwarts of the Buffalo, NY Metalcore scene Red Letter released their blistering new song ‘Burn It Down’ on the 13th of July. This new one is the latest offering from their highly anticipated debut EP Ghost Chant. The single is sure to turn heads in the Metalcore sphere, as the band impressively features The Breather frontman Shawn Spann.


On the surface (especially to Metalcore newbies like me), this song is a scorching brutal number. Yet within, the group develops some serious depth in terms of meaning. There is a deep and widely positive message for listeners – gift wrapped in heavy thudding guitar and a drumbeat faster than a Cheetah’s heartbeat in the visceral thrill of the chase. Red Letter projects the message that people must find the strength to overcome the hardest aspects of life, while continuously growing as individuals. Profoundly zen.


According to lead singer Nick: “At the end of the day, we are alone with our thoughts and if they are heavy those are the moments to be reminded that you have the strength to hold them. Nobody wants to feel broken, alone, or hopeless. Sometimes it just happens. Somewhere in the ashes within is a spark ready to ignite your life again, sometimes you just need to rebuild the flame and make it burn brighter next time.”



The band themselves seem to surpass their title as a five-piece alternative metal band from Buffalo. Red Letter is, admittedly, a directive of hope. The group strives to connect through music and to show humanity they can achieve anything with enough metal in their veins. 


With a wide array of influences and backgrounds, the band aims to create a fresh and new soundscape through their use of relatable and impactful lyrics. Other tools in the collective arsenal include top melodies, hard hitting riffs and emotionally positioned instrumental samples. Red Letter intend to light the metal world on fire with their new work and their new EP Ghost Chant is sure to strike a chord with many in the genre. 


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