Published on 25 July 2022 at 17:08

Curated by Adam Wright


Welcome to the OSM new single releases round up. Each week select just a few tunes that have most caught our attention. We hope the collection helps you through this next week. As ever, we will start with this week’s Single Of The Week. This time it’s the new drop from the Dublin-based band, The Murder Capital. The group have been quiet since releasing their punky debut album in 2019 but their new tune, ‘Only Good Things’ has catapulted the group back into the centre of conversation. Gentle guitars, raw vocals and superb poetic lyricism show a different side to the band as they look to embark on a new chapter of development.


Next up is solo artist, Piglet. The singer - who is based in London - released the politically charged ‘It Isn’t Fair’ last week. The tune examines the injustices faced by the transgender community in health care, and delivers it via a moody, stripped back instrumentation that develops into a consuming and unswerving soundscape...this week’s next tune comes from the Manchester-based Sour Punch. Their latest tune, named ‘Pink Lemonade’ refuses to be put in a box; exhibiting a range of sounds that range from riotous to melodic. Extended instrumental breaks, excitable vocals, and pop-inspired chorus give the track a distinct listenability, while remaining grounded up is a debut release. It comes from the Sheffield-based Cruz and is called ‘Life of Misery’. The band - who began formulating their sound whilst all at university - take inspiration from The Strokes and The Courteeners. This inspiration is showcased on ‘Life of Misery’, which combines witty lyrics with indie guitars to create a track that forms a nice bedrock on which to build. ..moving down south for this next one, which comes from the London-based, National Service. Marking their first release in 18 months, their new tune ‘Milktooth’ adopts a similar contemplative tone. With a spacious musical makeup to match, the tune well and truly puts National Service back in the mix. ..onto another solo artist now, and it’s the new tune from Tom Grennan. The singer has already picked up numerous plaudits from across the music media and his new tune, ‘All These Nights’ looks to further his success. The tune - which focuses on feeling content - showcases euphoric instrumentation and catchy vocals. A tune likely to push Grennan even further...lastly for this week is solo artist Hunter Sheridan, who released ‘Northern Lights’ last week. The tune marks a slight departure from his usual acoustic-centric sound. It leans into a more layered musical landscape that adds dance-infused complexities into the mix. The track retains Sheridan’s vulnerable lyrics though, and sets him off down an interesting avenue of musical development. 


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