'Villain', The New Release From KYLE HUSKEY Is Truly Poignant - We Have Been Taking A Listen

Published on 27 July 2022 at 22:00



The most difficult part of struggling with your mental health is talking to someone. We often forget that people care, and in 2022, the emphasis on speaking up couldn’t be higher, especially after the benevolent words of UFC fighter Paddy Pimblett sent ripples across social media after his victory at the weekend.


Some may seek private guidance from family and friends, others may talk to a therapist, but as for Kyle Huskey – he found peace of mind in the form of a new single, submerged into the sadness and eventual optimism of his battle with alcohol. 


Written in March at 4AM one morning in the cafeteria of a residential treatment facility in Palm Springs, ‘Villain’ is a melancholic song that was written riddled with guilt and shame on Huskey’s fourth day of rehab.


Harking back to John Mayer’s vocal verve and Kurt Cobain’s emotion-evoking lyricism, Kyle Huskey’s latest track is conjured straight from his heart, which makes it a single that is worth listening to. Often the case, when songs are born out of personal frustration, it leads to productions that are as sincere as they are stimulating.


Recorded in his home studio with production help from multi-platinum selling, Grammy winning producer Khris Lorenz, we would like to think Huskey is back on track, healthy and ready to continue shedding light on his emotionally mountainous journey through earnest song writing and melancholic vocalism. 


Villain’ is out now and it is the return of Kyle Huskey that we welcome with open arms. 


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