JEWELIA Releases Her New Summer Anthem 'No Lover'

Published on 27 July 2022 at 21:45

Photo: Andy Denyer



Embracing her pop disposition with warm summer tones and lyrics that will get the whole disco singing them, Jewelia is back with her first release in almost half a year as she gears up for her upcoming EP ‘Strong in My Own Way’.


In the same vein as Dua Lipa, ‘No Lover’ is a shift from the soft bedroom pop we associate with the Bucharest-born musician, and instead it takes form under a soundscape that provokes big choruses and karaoke-drenched stories. 


On the production of the release, she said: “I had a lot of fun producing this track. I’ve been making pop music for a few years now, and I feel that I have finally embraced the pop sound, while still staying true to myself. I used to be embarrassed about making this sort of music – but not anymore! If anything, I’ve realised that commercial pop is extremely difficult to get right, in terms of production and mix. It’s a constant learning process”.


Photo: Andy Denyer


Although being Jewelia’s most commercial release yet, it doesn’t fail in following in the footsteps of past nostalgic fairy tales that she has told. This time, the song’s narrative revolves around the conflicting emotions of trying to reject a relationship, due to having too much going on, despite feeling attraction.


As her upcoming EP is waiting in the wings, Jewelia will look to perpetuate her position as a one to watch, with her YouTube channel already notching 2.1 million views and her Spotify growing from 100 monthly listeners in 2020 to consistently hitting over 15,000 over the last few months.


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