BLACKWATERS Unleash New Single 'Into The Sun' Ahead of UK Tour

Published on 29 July 2022 at 15:57



Following their meeting and forming at college in Guildford, BlackWaters decided that the medieval market town had probably had quite enough of their notorious yard parties, house gigs, and general noise, and felt it was about time somewhere else had a dose of them. 


Now residing in Sheffield, Maximilian, David, Ollie, and James are able to belch their effervescent music to greater reaches of the United Kingdom, with their latest single ‘Into The Sun’ portraying a sound that has a gravitational pull destined to gain popularity further than just the neighbourhood they create a ruckus in.


As the first release since their debut album ‘Something Good Lost In Time’,  their latest production rips its way through every second of the summer anthem that demands to be listened to at full volume.


To those who just want to stick on a tune that they can jump around to in the sun, there are hints of The Libertines and Viagra Boys through ‘Into The Sun’, and it supplies an unhealthy dose of post punk verve and a burst of summer flavours that prepare the band for their biggest year to date.


On the track, the band says: “Where will we land? In the sun” it’s primarily about the state of this planet, the issues we can’t change but want to, the help we’d love to lend to others and the endless spiral our country is heading towards, eventually we’ll land in the sun. 


“I hate to be so dreary but it really is how I feel about the state of things these days. It’s important to stay positive though, the people will always win, it just doesn’t feel like it these days. 


“I like the juxtaposition in the song as it seems like a really jolly good time tune, which it certainly is musically, but lyrically it was written to address something really quite worrying - the way everything’s heading - makes us all feel unsteady. Where will we land?”


Backed by Steve Lamacq to go far in the new wave of promising British indie talent, Blackwaters are a prime example of how guitar music and all-out post-punk action is far from dead.


‘Into The Sun’ is a brilliant anthem you never knew you needed. But now that you’ve dived head first into the single (because there’s no other way of listening to it), you’ll keep coming back for more.


Blackwaters are touring the UK this September and tickets are on sale here

You can stream 'Into The Sun' below.