Powerhouse Vocalist SILVI Releases Anticipated New Single 'Burning'

Published on 29 July 2022 at 16:46



Exploring themes of gaslighting and betrayal, ‘Burning’ is the brand-new, imperious single released by powerhouse vocalist Silvi, who despite only having her debut live gig in February 2022, is already crafting a reputation for herself as a gifted go-getter in the indie music scene.


While 2020 is still producing magic two years on, being the starting block for an abundance of talented musicians, Silvi is another example of something good that came out of lockdown. Forged in the furnace of the pandemic, the Scottish singer/songwriter stamped her signature into the industry with anthems ‘Your Smoke’ and ‘That’s Not Love’ – both of which immediately caught the attention of BBC Introducing.


Now two years older, and twice as accomplished in her artform, Silvi bends genres to blur the lines and traverse the unspoken vicissitude that develops when someone treats you negatively, leaving you to feel consumed and absent from your own life. The title ‘Burning’ is cleverly thought up, linking to the result of what happens when exposed to the toxicity of gaslighting.


The single offers listeners the chance to hear Silvi’s dynamic vocals that are coiled perfectly by an exhibition of ambient soundscapes and deep, immersive drops that fluctuate throughout to give rise to a track that offers a graffiti-like art to it. Ultimately, though, it is Silvi’s voice that is the outstanding feature – a seductive tone underpins a vocal range that any artist would be proud to have in their ordnance. 


2022 is shaping up to be Silvi’s. And to add to her backlog of achievements, the Scottish live wire will return to the King Tuts Stage on 21st August for her debut headliner show as part of the Summer Nights Festival. A fortnight later, She’ll take to the breakthrough stage at Vibrations Festival. Our Sound Music also welcomes Silvi to Hull on Saturday October the 1st where she will be performing at our second annual Indie All-Dayer.