CALLING ALL ASTRONAUTS Release New Single 'Rapture'

Published on 30 July 2022 at 07:19



Bringing together goth stalwarts of much-loved band The Marionettes, the Pop-punk rockers of caffeine, and seminal rap metalers US:UK, Calling All Astronauts bring a baptism of flavours into their sound.

Back with another industrial metal rock hit steeped in jet black themes and cataclysmic soundscapes, ‘Rapture’ stands as an impetuous assault on climate change. The band successfully depict the damage that the lack of action against climate change has led our planet to, so much so that the London-based rockers hint at the idea of Earth partying on the eve of its destruction in their acerbic new single.

‘Rapture’ is the Calling All Astronaut’s 25th release as a band, and it is absolutely their most riveting and sensational production to date.



Accompanied with it is the creation of a music video which serves as a further inkling to doomsday and the inevitable consequences of brushing climate change under the carpet.  The single is set to feature in their yet to be titled fourth studio album, which is expected to arrive in late 2022.

Calling All Astronauts aren’t afraid to hold back, and they speak a reality in a captivating manner through their bona fide industrial metal rock- we just hope it finds its way to the leaders that need to take action.


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