HANNAH ROBINSON's Melancholic & Dreamy New Single 'Nineteen' Is Out Now

Published on 5 August 2022 at 12:38



Old age is a common denominator among many of life’s biggest problems. 


Bad back? You’re getting on. 


Struggling to do everyday tasks? You’re, morbidly, we admit, getting closer to death.


No longer able to stay awake to do fun things you used to, like partying? Yep, that’s once again your wrinkles kicking into gear.


But everyone seems to forget that old age isn’t always the most difficult years of your life.


In fact, nineteen is, to a great extent, much harder than what it’s made out to be.


At 19, well, for most people, is a time where you are thrown into the big bad world with the expectation that you have all your future decisions mapped out. It’s a period where you can so easily fall into struggles with mental health, with the pressure of the world on your shoulders.


In this time of our lives, many of us will suffer, perhaps even become stagnant. 


But this certainly isn’t the case with northeast-based songstress Hannah Robinson - who decided to translate her transition from adolescence to adulthood into a melancholic dream pop-driven track titled ‘Nineteen’ (of course).


Hypnotic vocals are sung to the backcloth of sliding guitar walls that help to build a production that will transport listeners into a sensation of floating through the clouds from the start to the finish. Each punchline is impactful, and every second the song goes by is another second added on to how long you will want to listen for. 



As Hannah has accomplished, she insists that the main purpose of the release is simple. “It is not only to pull out every emotion I felt and interpret it musically,” she said


But I also wanted to produce a song for you all to possibly relate to, to find comfort in, or even just to spend a few moments whilst listening to reflect on your own journeys and the struggles you have had to go through.”


Featuring Hannah’s soulful vocalism, which is tightly wrapped by a warm hug of dreamy pop symphonies, the brilliant new musician from Gateshead has taken a difficult chapter from her life and made it into a crowning achievement of her musical journey so far.


And after claiming that nineteen is a difficult age to be, we feel like we’d prefer to have Hannah Robinson’s talents than a bad back after all…