Exclusive: REGENT Unveil The Music Video To New Single 'You Wanna Play With Me'

Published on 5 August 2022 at 11:38


Southampton rock band Regent have today released their triumphant new single 'You Wanna Play With Me' and we can exclusively reveal the captivating music video to Our Sound Music readers below.


The single is taken from the quartets highly anticipated album release 'Just A Revolution' which is out next Friday, the 12th of August.


Of 'You Wanna Play With MeRegent said:

“The track is about not caring about being rich and famous. It’s about not caring about so-called major record deals or so-called major money routes. As a band we make music for fun, to entertain people and as a professional hobby. If a big deal came in the right fashion we’d take it, but that won’t define us as musicians and certainly won’t stop us making music. So that’s what the track is about.. If you can’t make music to enjoy it above all else, then things aren’t going the way they should anyway.” 


The chorus is super-catchy and the music video makes the song even more rousing and anthemic as vocalist Ben Rooke delivers a call to arms as he bellows out the chorus.



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