Published on 3 August 2022 at 14:23

Curated by Adam Wright


Welcome to this week’s round up of some of the latest and greatest singles from the indie music scene. We hope this list does its bit to get you through the week. As usual, first on the list is OSM’s Single Of The Week. This week’s choice is a debut release, and comes from the Skipton-based band, Reece Beck. The track, named ‘Mundane Living’ features indie rock guitar lines and driving drums that elevate the lead vocal to soaring heights and ensure the track retains a undeniable listenability. Having already been picked by BBC introducing locally, Reece Beck are a band that look to be set to rise and rise. 


Next up this week is the new release from The Great Leslie who’ve followed up their last drop only eight weeks later. The new tune, titled ‘Liquid Spells’, showcases the snappy and infectious indie rock sound we’ve come to expect from the four-piece. Layered vocals also add to the track’s energy as it develops, and craft an exhilarating addition to the group’s discography.


Next on this week’s list is the new release from Bolton’s The Shed Project. Having made a name for themselves in the underground with their indie rock belters, new track ‘If You Know You Know’ is as vast and anthemic as you can get. Distorted guitars and soaring vocals evoke late-era a Stone Roses sound, while extended chaotic guitar solos add to the tune’s full-bodied nature.


Jupiter Strange are up next with their new tune, ‘Cool Factor’. The track further develops the group’s psych-infused rock sound. Thick bass lines provide the track with a groove, while soft lead and backing vocals give it a distinct 60s vibe that evokes The Mamas and the Papas and The Beach Boys. Jupiter Strange are a group to keep your eyes on. 


Next up is an artist that is grabbing all the headlines. Lauran Hibberd - whose album is awaited eagerly - has dropped a taster ahead of its release. The tune, named ‘That Was A Joke’, combines pop and grunge influences to create an infectious and original sound that further shows the singer to be in her creative element. Her exponential rise is far from done. 


Sticking with solo artists, next up is a solo artist who’s previously caught the attention from OSM. Shea Rafferty, who has already dropped three singles this year - released ‘Nights Out’ last Friday. The track sees the artist turning to a more electric-centric sound. His raw and Springsteen-like vocal is put centre stage and is wrapped in electric guitar licks that craft the song into a true power ballad. 


Finally for this week is the new drop from The 48k’s. The tune is called ‘Heartbeat’ and is another contender for your summer playlists. A stripped back sound kicks the track off, and sees the lead vocal set against an insistent rhythm section. The tune develops to become a guitar-led and euphoric track that is as expressive as it is catchy. 


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