THE UNDERCLASS Channel Emotion & Relatability On New Release 'Hometown'

Published on 2 August 2022 at 15:49



Harbouring a sound that they can freely call their own, Stoke five-piece The Underclass are back with a detonation of sounds that feature earworm vocalism, cathartic storytelling and the usual stormy guitar riffs that latch on to the bands smattering of releases like an infection. 


Hometown’ is the newest anthem in their collection, and it does exactly what it says on the tin – it brings childhood memories to the fore and accompanied with it is a vortex of made-for-radio indie sounds that are inescapable once you invest some of your time into The Underclass.


There are echoes of The Twang and The Enemy in the band’s soundscape, but they still seem to offer what nobody else can. What sets these Stoke rockers apart from everyone else is their personalities and passions that filter through every release.


Talking about the single, the band explained: “Hometown is a song heavily based around our roots. It tells the story of going back to where you’re from, what made you, who you are and how you should never forget your roots. Many have described the tune as a people's anthem. Which for us is probably the best way to describe this song with its meaningful lyrics, huge guitars and groove filled bass and drums.”


‘Hometown’ is a brilliant song, and regardless of your background, at least some of the lyrics in The Underclass' latest production are bound to strike the centre of your heart. Relatable, riveting, relentless – these lads have tallied it all into this release.