JOSH HOLMES Presents ‘Falling For You’ - An Enjoyable, Easy Listen That Transports The Audience To An Idealistic Soundscape

Published on 5 August 2022 at 22:47

Words: Max Bradfield


Birds chirping, airy synths and an intimate acoustic guitar. Wake up, it's not a dream – it’s the world that Josh Holmes has built around you in his latest song, and sixth single, ‘Falling For You’.


After taking a bit of time to refine his sound, Josh returns with his new tune. It's easy to listen to, with a polished vocal that name drops Paris and Rome. The worldly nature of Holmes’ romantic ideals isn’t limited to the narrative, as he somehow manages to weave in a subtle guitar solo to lift the final third of the song. 


The track explores the possibilities of travelling the world with someone and finding how easy it can be to fall in love over such a short space of time. The second verse cuts through the glossy film of Josh’s world as he comes to realisation of perhaps rose-tinted glasses. “We’d have it all if it wasn’t for rent.” Surely, you’d love to do anything if money wasn’t an object?


Since beginning his solo career in March 2021, Josh has already received some top plaudits. Local radio stations in Warwickshire and Coventry are all for the solo artist. Constant support comes from BBC Introducing and he’s already racked up a near one hundred thousand streams. 


Influences come from artists such as Shawn Mendes, The Jonas Brothers and James TW. This single follows the style of Josh’s second single ‘Can’t Stop Thinking About You’, which this site previously branded as the “perfect indie-pop song”.


Another real breakthrough track of his was ‘Fall In Love Again’ and remains a clear reflection of his capabilities as his music continues to develop. He has already played festivals like Godiva Festival and Freedom Festival. He's also been voted within the top 100 tracks of the year on Radio Abbey with Paul Saunders. So, keep ‘em peeled for more Josh Holmes action as a series of singles over the years are beginning to make a formidable arsenal. 


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